Leasing vs Buying a Ford


Ford Leasing vs Financing

Looking for a long-term investment? Or how about a hassle-free new car every few years? Unsure about the overall differences between leasing and financing a vehicle? The expert finance team at Fairway Ford are here to help. We'll help you discover the option that best fits your lifestyle and budget, helping you make a decision you can feel confident in. And when you're ready to take the next step, feel free to explore all our latest New Ford Offers, Manufacturer Offers, and to apply for financing online with our secure Finance Application today.

Ford Leasing

you no longer have to worry about depreciation or maintenance costs. Unlike the higher down payment and monthly payments of financing, leasing offers less upfront cost and monthly payments based on the depreciating value of your lease.

Compared to competitors, Ford lets you lease a vehicle while retaining your option to return or buy. Lease payments are usually lower than similar term finance payments because you're only paying for the portion of the vehicle's value used during the lease term. Ford's Red Carpet Lease provides unique benefits and features:

  • Variety of popular terms, including our popular 24/36 month leases
  • Seven mileage options to choose from
  • Customize your vehicle at time of purchase with approved accessories

Ford Leasing Advantages

  • Lease payment covers only the vehicle depreciated value, not the entire purchase value. 
  • Lease payments cost less than if you were to finance.
  • Down payments on leased vehicles are less than financed.
  • Leases run for 24 to 48 months and are covered under the general warranty. 
  • If you don't drive far or a lot, leases may be a great option.
  • You have multiple end of lease options

Ford Leasing Disadvantages

  • You're only allowed limited mileage amounts, with the option to purchase extra.
  • You're charged for repairs if the vehicle isn't in good shape when you return it.
  • Leases don't build the same credit and payoff advantages of financing.
  • You cannot customize or alter your leased Ford.

Ford Lease end options

Lease end options include turning in your leased car and leasing a new one, purchasing your vehicle for the amount agreed upon in your lease agreement, or simply returning your vehicle to a dealership. Lease return steps include:

  1. Scheduling an inspection.
  2. Reviewing and making repairs.
  3. Making a return appointment.
  4. Complete a federal odometer/lease termination statement.
  5. Pay any lease liability fees/charges.
  6. Pay any additional charges.

Ford Financing

If you're planning on driving long distances, owning your new Ford for the foreseeable future, or want an asset, financing may be right for you. Although financing can be more expensive, the long-term saving can be huge. Explore all the impressive Ford financing advantages as well as the disadvantages below. If you're interested in getting pre-approved, don't hesitate to fill out our safe and secure Finance Application today! Make sure to also browse all our latest New Vehicle Specials.

Ford Financing Advantages

  • You own and can sell or refinance your Ford.
  • No mileage restrictions.
  • You can customize and alter your Ford.
  • No car payments once paid off.
  • Multiple lender options to get the best rates. 

Financing Disadvantages

  • Higher monthly payments.
  • Higher down payment.
  • Higher repair costs.
  • Vehicle depreciation.

Leasing vs Financing FAQ

Financing means you’re taking out an auto loan to help you buy your new Ford. Leasing on the other hand is like renting it, you make payments that allow you to use it for 2-3 years and then you return it.

  • Warranty coverage
  • Latest technology and stylings
  • Available loyalty incentive
  • Can choose to purchase or switch
  • Mileage limitations
  • No modifications
  • Excessive wear and tear may cost extra
  • Not an asset
  1. You can lease a new Ford
  2. You can purchase a new Ford
  3. You can purchase your currently leased Ford
  1. Scheduling your inspection
  2. Review and make possible repairs
  3. Make an appointment at a dealer
  4. Complete a federal odometer/lease termination statement
  5. Pay any lease liability fees/charges
  6. Pay any additional charges
  • Your Ford is an asset
  • No mileage limitation
  • Long-term savings
  • Can sell and recoup some cost
  • Higher monthly payments
  • Higher down payment
  • Higher repair costs
  • Vehicle depreciation

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